Antennas for FPV and Aerial Video Systems

We build your 5G8 video-antennas in different length, types, cables

and connectors ...

Our antennas are an individually handmade german product. Each antenna will be network analysed, measured and the vswr will be in realtime optimized.


All FPV-antennas are cirkular polarized. You can chosse in our shop between left and right polarisation.


Our product range contains Fiveleaf antennas (FL), also Cloverleaf (CL), Skew Planar Wheel (SPW) and Sixleaf (Hexaleaf). Helix-directional antennas are available in different turns, connector- and cable types 


On your request we build for you 2G4 variants, or telemetric-antennas for the 433 / 800 Mhz range. 


The antennea cable can eighter be from RG316D (flexible snapping), or RG402 (semi rigid, stabil after forming) or like our Slim-Antennas build with RG405 . 


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Custom antennas for your aerial vehicel, FPV race and UAV / multicopter systems